12 Top Tools for Digital Nomads (Tech, Travel & Financial Tools)

12 Top Tools for Digital Nomads (Tech, Travel & Financial Tools)

As a traveling digital nomad, there are many tools that can make your experience more convenient. Here are a variety of tools that we believe every digital nomad should have on their packing list. They range from tech gadgets, travel hacks as well as financial tools.

1) Dual Sim Adaptor

When you buy a new sim card abroad, it could be frustrating not being able to access your old sim card. With a dual sim adaptor, you are able to actively use two sim cards and save the cost of buying a second phone and take advantage of two different mobile plans as required.

Tools for Travelling Teachers

2) Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

Having a lightweight backpack that is capable of carrying as much carry-on items as you usually travel with is essential to a traveling teacher. With comfortable sleeves for a laptop and tablet, the Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack can handle everything you throw into it!

It also fits into most airplane carry-on compartments and provides adequate protection to your belongings.

Tools for Travelling Teachers

3) Wise Borderless Account

Controlling your finances is important when you travel abroad. This account allows you to get convenient access to your funds from more than 30 countries globally. You can get paid in any continent and spend via a debit card in the local currency. Click below to read the full guide:

tools for digital nomads

4) Travel towel

Travel towels are great because they are compact, super absorbent and dry much faster than regular towels. They fit comfortable into a digital nomad’s luggage and are easy to wash and maintain.

Tools for travelling teachers

5) Travel Insurance

Protection from flight cancellations, lost baggage, accidents and emergencies are some of the benefits of having travel insurance when you travel. Some travel insurance companies also assist with emergency cash if you ever get stranded abroad.

You can read about other examples of coverage by clicking the image below:

tools for digital nomads

6) Battery Pack Case

Never run out of power with a battery pack case. These come handy to keep your mobile devices running during long flights and transits to rural areas. Once they are charged to capacity, battery pack cases can last up to a full day and keep you online in cases of emergencies or power outages.

Tools for Travelling Teachers

7) MacBook Air

MacBook Airs provide premium computing power and excellent battery life that any digital nomad can depend on. Enjoy fast booting and up to 12 hours of work without needing to charge it. It is excellent for high quality video streams, document processing, teaching online and for being thin and light enough for your travel bag. It is in fact listed as one of the best laptops for teaching online and a good laptop to use for many online side hustles.

Tools for Travelling Teachers

8) AirBnB

Use the AirBnB app on your phone and always find great places to stay on the move. This is the best way to find a quiet space to teach online with Cambly, PalFish and Amazing Talker, or perform other side hustles from home.

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9) Kiwi

Use the Kiwi app to find cheap flights to your next destination. Clearly save your boarding passes on the app for quick check-ins at the airport and take advantage of the Kiwi guarantee to find you replacement flights if delays cause you to miss your connecting flight.

tools for digital nomads

10) Fingertip Toothbrush

Maintain your dental hygiene without increasing your luggage with a fingertip toothbrush. These brushes are easy to use, comfortable, durable and easy to clean before storing. The case can also contain a small tube of toothpaste to allow you travel conveniently and light as the job requires.

Tools for Travelling Teachers

11) Revolut

Revolut offers everyday banking globally without having to worry about fees or money transfer restrictions. You also receive instant notifications when you send or receive payments. Revolut also provides a debit card that you can use anywhere globally at local exchange rates.

Tools for digital nomads

You can get grab your free Revolut card by following these steps:

Steps to claim free card

  1. Click this link
  2. Insert mobile number
  3. Follow text message URL to download Revolut on the Google Play or Apple App Stores via the link
  4. Open an account (takes 30 seconds)
  5. Top up £10/€10
  6. Select and order Free Card [Standard Delivery]
  7. Verify your identity (Tap more -> Profile -> Verify identity)

This means your Revolut card will be ready to use as soon as you've got it.

*This process currently only works for those who do not have Revolut currently.

12) Crypto.com Card

Similar to the Revolut card in that you can top up this card and spend internationally, but with the added twist of being rewarded with cashback in the form of cryptocurrency. There are many possibilities with this Crypto Side Hustle, which you can read all about by clicking the image below:

tools for digital nomads

Types of Cards (Click links for a guide on each)

*This is not financial advice, but for education and entertainment purposes.

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