VIPKid Cancels their Affiliate Program – What Could it Mean?

VIPKid Cancels their Affiliate Program – What Could it Mean?

It seems the VIPKid hiring campaign has reached a new level of saturation with the July 30th 2020 announcement of the ending of their affiliate program

What does this mean?

It means that now only VIPKid teachers will now be able to use a referral link to refer teachers.

This is great news for teachers as it gives them more of a chance to earn the referral bonus, compared to affiliates with large digital audiences…

…however, it is an indication that the need for hiring new teachers is low, so there probably isn't much of a market for getting the referral bonus currently.

It could also mean that it will give current teachers a better chance at booking students with less demand for new teachers to come in and fill slots.

Companies that are currently on a hiring push

Many companies, like VIPKid have slowed down their hiring, but there are still several companies on a big push for teachers listed below:

Magic Ears

Pay: $12 – $26 per hour
Certificate: Required
Education: Bachelor's/Student
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Pay: $10 – $18 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree: Required
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landi apply

Whales English

Pay: $18 – $30 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree Required: Bachelor's
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Whales English

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