Effortless Automation with IFTTT (Automate Your Website)

Effortless Automation with IFTTT (Automate Your Website)

Ever wish something would magically do your work for you?

Automation is what makes an online business tick. There are so many moving parts that you would have to be an expert watch maker to do it all yourself. That's why I turn to automation companies and tools to join my passive income team as invisible members.

My favourite is IFTTT.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is an automation tool that allows you to make “applets” based off of “recipes” to perform online tasks for you automatically.

What is a “recipe”?

If This Then That

If you put an egg in boiling water…then the egg will cook. That is a recipe. If this (egg in hot water) then that (egg will cook).

So what is an IFTTT recipe?

Here's the fun part.

How To Use IFTTT

If this (post a new blog article on WordPress) then that (automatically post article to Facebook page).

This recipe has now created an “Applet” which performs the exact function that you have stated.

And there are so many different recipes for applets you can create using IFTTT. Here's an example of the ones I use below:

IFTTT Applet Examples

IFTTT Automation

As you see, I use it to automate the social sharing of my blog posts. This has saved me so much time and allows my social media footprint to spread without me doing a thing!

This is just a small example of the capabilities of IFTTT.

Check out the passive income boosting automations using IFTTT in my free course below:



Are there any IFTTT alternatives?


IFTTT vs Zapier

You can use Zapier as an alternative or alongside IFTTT if you find one of them doesn't do the exact automation that you want.

With some Zapier functions, such as PayPal automations, these are premium and cost money. So I tend to stick with IFTTT and I'll use Zapier for a premium function if I think it will provide increased revenue.

HootSuite vs IFTTT

HootSuite is another automation tool which I have mostly used in the past to schedule Tweets for the week on Twitter.

I no longer do this since IFTTT automatically tweets my new blog posts and YouTube videos (I've never been much of a Twitter user for reporting my daily life. My binge sessions of YouTube top 5 videos don't make for interesting reading).

And also, HootSuite appears to cost money now (I remember using it for free), so I would use Tweetdeck now…which is arguably better for managing your Twitter.

IFTTT and ConvertKit

ConvertKit is my email marketing automation tool. This works better with Zapier as there isn't an option for it in IFTTT, however I use it for it's own automation functions.

I can explain my automation strategy, including ConvertKit, right now:

How I Automate My Blog

Step 1 – Keyword Research with Long Tail Pro.

Step 2 – Write article based on keyword or hire a writer on iWriter.

Step 3 – Automate Social Sharing of article with IFTTT to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Step 4 – Set up weekly digest of blog articles to email list with ConvertKit.

Step 5 – Convert article into YouTube video using Content Samurai.

Step 6 – Automate social sharing of Youtube video with IFTTT to Facebook and Twitter.


How Does This Help?

With this method, all of my social sharing is taken care of.

The SEO is organised with the keyword research from Long Tail Pro and social signals automated through IFTTT to help ranking.

Grab a free trial of Long Tail Pro below:



Rather than individually sharing each article, I give my email list a digest of the new articles through ConvertKit so they can choose the one that interests them most –  completely automated.

Try out ConvertKit below:



The article, if not written by myself, is automated by iWriter. See iWriter in action for yourself below:



The act of converting it into a video is made easier by Content Samurai.

Free trial of Content Samurai:



And the sharing is once again handled by IFTTT.

In fact, as soon as I click “publish” on this article, IFTTT will begin to work it's magic.

Making my life so much more…automatic.

For more processes on how I created my passive income producing blog, click the image below:

IFTTT Automation

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