GrooveFunnels – #1 for Building Your Online Business?

GrooveFunnels – #1 for Building Your Online Business?

For online teachers who are wanting to teach independently or under their own name, or for budding online entrepreneurs, there are a number of things that need to be in place.

Among many things, online freelance teachers and tutors need to have an online presence, a website, an email list, a way to accept payments and a way to sell their services and lessons to potential students.

These types of services can all be purchased and used to create an online teaching business where a teacher can offer their lessons and get paid to teach under their own name.

The trouble is that it gets expensive and monthly fees can add up to a high price. Not only that, but teachers need to learn how to string these services together and make sure that their sales funnel and systems are working together.

To say it can be a challenge is an understatement. 

However, it doesn’t have to be.

Introducing GrooveFunnels for online teachers

How to start your teaching business for free in 2021

GrooveFunnels is an online teacher‘s solution for building a business. It is an all-in-one solution for bringing all your business needs under one roof and in an integrated approach that lets you do business, and get supported with growing your marketing needs.

Here are some of the ways that Groove Funnels allows online teachers to setup and grow their business:

  • Groove Pages to build unlimited websites under your own domain
  • Groove Blog to setup your blog and write content for your ideal students
  • Groove Mail to grow your email list and create automations and sequences
  • Groove Sell to accept payments and sell physical and digital products
  • Groove Member to host online courses and lessons
  • Groove Pay to setup your own payment gateway
  • Groove Calendar to accept bookings and appointments
  • Groove Video to host video content
  • Groove Kart to sell physical products (ie: Ecommerce, dropshipping)
  • Groove Stream to stream live video to social media channels

And so much more…

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Let’s dive into a few of these that are going to transform your business as an online teacher if you want to teach under your own name or tutor privately.

Use GroovePages to build your online teaching website

Do these steps to create your teaching website in 2021 (GroovePages)

Tired of WordPress? Frustrated with the options for building websites and not sure where to get started for your online teaching business?

Meet Groove Pages.

GroovePages is Groove’s robust app for building your website. As a free user on the platform, you are able to build up to 3 websites under your own domain names without having to pay for hosting.

You can create websites, individual landing pages and sales funnels using Groove Pages and you don’t need any technical skills.

Groove Pages gives you full customisation of your website without choosing a theme and feeling frustrated with what you have to work with.

In Groove Pages, you can:

  • Choose pre designed websites or pages
  • Create from a blank slate and add in predesigned blocks
  • Customise every aspect of your website from start to finish
  • Add headers, navigation, footers, integrations, images, video, etc…

With Groove Blog, you can also create your teacher blog and integrate it with your website as well. Groove Pages and Groove Blog include SEO tools and help your website to stand out from the crowd.

Use GrooveMail to grow your email list

Anyone who is doing business or doing any sort of marketing online is going to need an email list.  An email list is one of your most powerful marketing tools you will ever have and every online teacher needs to be starting one and nurturing those that join your list.

You can create and grow an email list by:

  1. Offering something of value to your potential students that they download in exchange for their email address. This is usually referred to as a lead magnet or freebie.
  2. Nurturing your email list with regular emails that offer valuable content related to their problems, struggles and areas that you can help them in.
  3. Share your freebie or lead magnet on your social media so that you are driving traffic to your list where you can promote your classes and online lessons.

You can do this with Groove Mail, an app that lets you build lists, send email sequences, automations and create segments within your list. 

Normally you would have to do this with a service like Mailchimp, or Convertkit or the many hundreds of options on the market, but now you can do it with Groove Mail under one roof of your business.

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Use GrooveSell & GroovePay to accept payments

As online teachers who are teaching under our own name, outside of a company platform like VIPKid, iTalki, Magic Ears or Gogokid, we need to think about how we are going to accept payments.

Do we use Paypal or something else? Groove Pay is an option for accepting payments from your students and it has never been easier.

Groove Pay charges 2.85% and then $0.25 / transaction which is lower than most other payment gateways.

Of course, inside Groove you can also link your Paypal or Stripe account to accept payments. You have options!

Use Groove Calendar to accept bookings for your lessons

One of the challenges for online freelance teachers is accepting bookings and having a system that is integrated so you can easily have students book your lessons. 

Groove Calendar does this and will replace a lot of other services out there that you have to pay for, like Calendly and Acuity Scheduling.

Use GrooveMember to house a course, membership or place for students to access content

Most of the time, online teachers are teaching live classes and you will need to use a platform like Zoom to conduct these classes. However, if you need a place for students to access pre-recorded video content, you would normally have to host that video on YouTube, Vimeo or GoogleDrive to name a few options.

Groove Member and Groove Video let you host your pre recorded lessons, videos and files all in one place so that students can access these with a simple username and password.

You can set your prices for the course and accept payments for this or you can set it as free access. There are lots of options for customising this and giving your students the best experience for accessing their content.

Groove Free vs Groove Lifetime Upgrade

So, you might be wondering what the deal is between the free or lifetime upgrade options.

Let me first tell you that you can do almost all of what is mentioned above with the free account.

You can build your website, create a course, start your email list, sell products and accept payments completely for free.

However, there are limitations within each of their apps but you can get started with the basics and get your online teaching business up and running.

The reason it is free right now with a limited time upgrade option for life is that it is still in beta. This means that not all of their apps are operational and functioning but their timeline for completion is the end of 2021. 

For a more detailed comparison of the precise differences between the free and lifetime upgrade options can be found here.

My GrooveFunnels review

As a teacher building a business for the last couple of years I have used many services to tie my business needs together.

One of the frustrating aspects of having to use different platforms like Kajabi (for hosting courses), ConvertKit (for my mailing list), WordPress (for my website), and others is that it gets expensive and costly.

If you are not selling or actively promoting things then you still have to pay for these monthly fees.

I decided to move everything over to Groove’s Free Account to test everything out and decide if this was a good fit for my needs.

Firstly, the websites you can create in Groove are beautiful and customised for business needs, allowing you to make sales funnels, order bumps and upsells for your potential students or customers.

Setting up my online courses in Groove Member was quite easy after learning how it all ties together and I am able to successfully accept payments and sell my courses without headaches.

The only frustrations come with the fact that Groove is in beta, so some functions don’t always work 100% but the basics are there and they are improving daily. 

I am more than satisfied with Groove and decided to upgrade to the lifetime platinum membership which allowed me to cancel my monthly subscriptions with other services and, ultimately, save hundreds and thousands of dollars in the long run.

Try Groove for Free!

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