What is Long Tail Pro? [And Can It Boost Your Rankings?]

What is Long Tail Pro? [And Can It Boost Your Rankings?]

If you are seriously looking to earn money in the online arena, you need a good foundation.

Such a foundation is reflected in the kind of keyword research that you carry out. Any deviations and mistakes at the initial stage may accelerate into bigger issues when you need your site to earn you the income that you seriously need.

A sustainable SEO strategy is inclined towards proper keyword research which then helps you to know what people are searching for on the internet. The same keyword research is the key that will unlock all hidden doors, and guide you in choosing the best and unique topics. 

It is also what will help you find niches that have less competition, making you have a clear advantage over your real and imagined competitors. Meanwhile, there is no need for you to go through strenuous hours and large amounts of unhelpful data to find your best keyword. Long-Tail Pro does it well, and in the shortest time possible

What is Long Tail Pro?

It is a popular and powerful keyword research tool. This software helps online business owners and other users to access and put to use limitless information concerning appropriate and relevant keyword.

Within a few minutes, users can generate so much data while using the super user-friendly interface. The information you access is quite detailed, valuable, and closely related to your niche. 

Who’s meant for Long-Tail Pro?

The following categories find this tool useful:

-Website owners having a hard time finding the proper and appropriate keywords

-People struggling with keyword research

-People looking for ways of generating traffic that converts to their sites.

-Online businesses that want to increase sales and maximize profits.

Check out the free trial here

How LongTailPro Works

This software is a desktop application and its main purpose, of course, is to help users in their keyword research and identification. The programme is found on their website, so it's up to you to quickly search and download and install the software on your computer.

LongTailPro works by doing searches and reviewing on the terms that you enter concerning your niche. All the generated information that the software brings back to you can be utilized to pick out the best from the best. The same problem keyword suggestions are what you can use to increase your rankings on the search engines.

The clear advantage with using Long Tail Pro is its ability to generate hundreds upon hundreds of keywords all at once and in a matter of minutes.

How to start using Long Tail Pro

Once you have downloaded and installed the programme on your computer, you get started by clicking on the box that appears, which requires you to add seed keywords.

 -Input the words related to your niche, and click on the add icon.

-You can insert as many relevant phrases and the key term as many times as you would want to. The tool gets to work on the many options you have given.

-On the dashboard, there is also the filter icon. Utilizing this icon helps you to add filters to your search. It is then easy to get only the information that is relevant to your search.

– The filters allow you to zero in on location, length of the keyword terms and phrases, and the kind of top-level domains just in case you are looking to purchase a URL that is appropriate.

-Once you are through with that part of filter application, click on the icon reading Generate keyword and fetch data’

The amount of time it takes for Long-Tail Pro to bring results usually depends on the number of keywords you are searching for. It can be in a matter of seconds to minutes, just wait patiently for results to come forth.

How to Manage Your Long Tail Pro Keyword Results

This main characteristic of this programme is generating of hundreds of probabilities in terms of results.

But it doesn’t matter if the data is huge and overwhelming. The software has features that help you to organize and manage all these results and make them as useful as possible.

The filter area has columns for each keyword that you entered. You can view your results using those columns. For instance, results displaying location both global and local results are easy to be displayed in one of the columns.

Likewise, results showing long or short phrases that you entered are also displayed and viewed from a separate column. Depending on the search term, you can easily get hold of the data you are looking for at any given time for from the columns.

Using the tools export feature, you can also export all the data to a spreadsheet and study the information more broadly.

Benefits of Using Long Tail Pro 

-The programme enables you to access large amounts of information in a matter of minutes.

-Customer support is impressive and the team is always on standby to answer any questions and address any concerns that you may be having.

-Useful keyword generated by the application helps you to have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

-The tool comes with exemplary and easy to use features that support you in managing and using the generated data.

-In the long run, the tool pays for itself, regardless of the cost, as you finally find a sure way of generating traffic that converts onto your website.

-You have the freedom to unsubscribe and claim for your refund any time you feel like.

Drawbacks of Long Tail Pro

It is costly, and not many website owners can afford to purchase…but it is still an absolute bargain when compared to other SEO software.

Cost of Long-Tail Pro

Users have a number of options when it comes to purchasing this programme.

-There is the free trial mode, offered absolutely free for the first 7 days which you can get here.

-Long Tail Annual Starter – which works out as $25/month.

-Long Tail Annual Pro – which works out as $45/month.

Check out more information at the LongTailPro website below:


Cancelling Long Tail Pro

You can cancel and unsubscribe from this application any time you feel like. All you have to do is contact the support team and inform them of your need to cancel or request for a refund. The response is quick; less than 24 hours after you have furnished them with details such as the email you used for purchase, and names used for the same purchase.

Or you can simply head to your account and cancel.


There is so much that makes you lean towards Long Tail Pro; from the speedy way by which it executes and generates the proper keywords, and to the fact that it is SEO inclined, the benefits remain immense.

You are always sure that the ultimate outcome is to your benefit. Apart from the fact that it is costly, you can try their free version as you wait to make your final decision. 

It comes as no surprise that you can easily generate the keyword that you need even before making your first purchase. Try this out yourself below:

Find the Keyword You Need


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