YouTube Equipment and Software [What I Use To Create Videos]

YouTube Equipment and Software [What I Use To Create Videos]

Making YouTube videos is a great way to attract traffic to your online teaching referral link.

And I still manage to get clicks in my descriptions of videos that I filmed with really budget equipment.

So I want to share with you all the things I've acquired along the way that helped me earn referrals for DaDa, Cambly and even ManyCam.

Check out the YouTube channel if you're not familiar and you can see the progression in quality of my videos along the way, thanks to referrals slowly affording me better tools!

YouTube Channel

Now let's get cracking!


Equipment/Hardware I use to Create YouTube Videos


Canon Powershot SX610 HS

YouTube Equipment and Software

The Canon Powershot SX610 HS is an update from last year’s model with the same name with a more beautiful design with better handling. It has a 20-megapixel sensor compared to 16MP in the last version. The camera produces clear images that will bring color and detail to your presentation videos. The battery life should be able to give you up to 200 pictures before needing a recharge. You also get wireless connectivity for easy transfer of images from the camera to your laptop for editing.

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Joby GorillaPod

YouTube Equipment and Software

A good tripod helps to eliminate shakes from your camera and helps you shoot better videos. This GorillaPod is light, cheaper and extremely durable. It makes for the perfect travelling partner for your camera and video recorder if you have any. It is also flexible and can support cameras up to 3kg in weight without any strain. Another lifesaver for any online teacher as it can be stowed away to take little space in your bag.

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Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

Create YouTube Videos

This is a powerful webcam that allows you shoot high quality videos and live streams in a capable and professional manner.

You will enjoy fluid motion and auto light correction, giving your videos a vibrancy that other webcams in the price range do not have. The Logitech C922 is a must-have to create quality YouTube videos.

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The Pro Stream is part of my list of best Webcams for ESL teachers. Check out the rest below:


Create YouTube Videos



Blue Snowball Microphone

YouTube Equipment

Blue is a well-known name in microphones and this USB microphone delivers professional-grade sound with its revolutionary design. You can easily plug it into any computer (PC or Mac) and record quality podcasts, voice overs or any other usage and be sure of rich, full-tone sound. The audio is clean, reducing editing time. For more flexibility, I recommend buying a longer USB cable.

This is great for narration in demo videos such as my TransferWise tutorial!

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Sony MDR950-XB Headset

YouTube Equipment









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Sony delivers with this sleek, wireless headphone with striking bass sounds and quality audio. A full charge will give you up to 20 hours of playback. The ear cushions are comfortable and provide an acoustic seal that help remove outside noise from your audio session. You also get the added convenience of hands-free telephony via Bluetooth and the inbuilt microphone.

Here's the best headsets list for online teachers:

YouTube Equipment


Apple AirPods

YouTube Equipment










Apple AirPods are some of the best ear phones you could consider getting. Do not let the price discourage you. This is arguably the best wireless earphones you can spend money on. They are amazingly comfortable despite their size. You get a full-range of sound quality and they convey the tiniest ping to your ears. The combination of pricing, features, battery performance and reliability is unmatched in today’s market.

Check out my article below:

YouTube Equipment


MacBook Pro

YouTube Equipment









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Every year, the MacBook Pro gets a more significant upgrade from the previous one. No matter which year you go for, what you are getting is a sleek, powerful device that will make, edit and deliver up to 4k quality YouTube videos without any visible lag. MacBook Pros also offer long battery life which makes them perfect for long flights and road trips.

A laptop is really an essential item, which is what I always try and include on the DigiNo shop:

YouTube Equipment


External Hard Drive

YouTube Equipment

The value of external hard drives cannot be overstated. As you make more videos, you begin to lose more and more of your computer storage space. Having an external hard drive is like an additional piece of luggage where you can put all your things and not worry about being over capacity ever. You can buy up to 3TB depending on the amount of content you deal with, otherwise anything from 1TB should work nicely.

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Lavalier Microphone

YouTube Equipment









If you are looking for a convenient microphone that is small enough to fit into your carry on luggage while delivering excellent performance for speeches, recordings and videos. Lavalier microphones come with an audio app which you can install on a smart device for more connectivity and setting. You can count on lavalier microphones for their durable quality, excellent sound and utility.

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Now let's move on to the software!


Software I Use to Create YouTube Videos


ManyCam Studio

Download ManyCam for FREE!

ManyCam is a great software that provides many video capturing options whether from multiple real or virtual cameras that are fully customizable. It works perfectly with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. The free version is quite capable and if you want to do even more with it, upgrade to the PRO version. It is definitely worth it especially with the easy learning curve.

I use it to demo games I've created for teaching online whilst recording my screen.

Check out the ManyCam beginner's guide by clicking the image below:

YouTube Equipment


Final Cut Pro X

As a Mac OS exclusive software, Final Cut Pro X is what any professional or consumer will use to edit videos without any limitation. It is powerful enough to serve professional video creators and also easy and cheap enough for every-day content creators. It makes creating high-definition videos seamless and easy to learn. There are also many features that will elevate your YouTube video to near-professional levels. The best part is that you also own it after a one-time payment and not recurring subscriptions. Final Cut Pro X is simply everything you would ever need to make quality videos.

I am by no means a pro video editor, but Final Cut Pro X made the experience of editing out my bloopers an absolute breeze! 

Click the button below to check out more information on the software:

Check Price of Final Cut Pro X

Or if you don't want to pay…iMovie is just as good for the basic stuff and is free with your MacBook.


Content Samurai

Creating videos from slides or other content has never been easier than with Content Samurai. With a few button clicks, you can have a complete video in no time. Create professional, quick videos without having to learn anything technical. It is easy to use and cheap, perfect for whipping out great videos on the go.

I started using this after seeking a better way to distribute information through video (without me just reading from my phone to a camera).

Grab a free trial of Content Samurai and check it out yourself:

Free Trial of Content Samurai!

For more information on Content Samurai, click the image below:

YouTube Equipment


So hopefully you find something to help boost your YouTube game in that list.

Check out more resources from the list below:

YouTube Equipment



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