First Future Teaching 2020 – Application Page To Teach Online With First Future

First Future Teaching 2020 – Application Page To Teach Online With First Future

First Future

Pay: $8 – $12+ per hour
Certificate: Required
Education: Bachelor's
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First Future Job Overview

Teach English to ESL students from your laptop or computer.

You can teach students one-on-one, or in groups. To apply to be a group teacher, please visit the page below:

Student age

The classes cover all age ranges, but most of the students are between and 12 years-old.

First Future Teacher Requirements

Teachers must be a native speaker – American, Canadian, Australian, British, Irish or from New Zealand. In cases of highly qualified Teachers from other Countries who have a neutral accent, exceptions may be made.

Teachers should be energetic, enthusiastic, patient and reliable. Stability is a key requirement.

Teacher Equipment Requirement

All Teachers are required to have a wired internet connection of 10 mbps or more. You can check your internet connection speed here:

Teachers must have a presentable and quiet working space.

Teachers should have a high quality headset and microphone to conduct the class with. All other requirements (scheduling software, teaching materials and support) will be provided by First Future.

Teacher Qualifications

Teaching certificate is required (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA or state teaching license).

First Future Work Hours

First Future Peak Hours

  • 5pm-10pm BJT Mon-Fri
  • 9am-10pm BJT for the weekend
They have two kinds of schedules:

One of them is called Flexi, short for Flexible Schedule.

Your Flexible Schedule is up to you – you could open your available hours and wait for students to book, but there is no guarantee that all the hours that are open will be booked.
This makes Flexi very much like fishing, but you will have to stand by during your Flexi hours because you might get booked at anytime.

Also, there is another kind of schedule called BO Hours, short for Bought-out Hours.

If you get selected by one student, you will have regular working hours, which is your BO Hours.
During the BO Hours, you will always be fully booked.
The Flexi and BO Hours are not mutually exclusive, you could open Flexi hours outside of your BO Hours to teach more classes.
The minimum requirement for BO hours is hours per week.
There are about 3000 classes being taught on the platform everyday.

Group Classes with First Future

First Future also have group class opportunities.

Job Summary

• Online GROUP class teaching
• Students: From small kids to teenagers
• Peak hour: 6-9pm Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm Sat-Sun All in Beijing time

Typical Group Sizes:

• Public school classes: 20-40 students per class

• Local language center classes: about 20 students per class

• VIP classes: 2-15 students per class

First Future Pay

Teacher's payment

Teacher's base pay rate is $8 – $12 per hour. Plus extra bonuses.

Bonus types:

  1. Per class taught: $0-$1.5 USD/class (25 minutes)
  2. Weekend Incentive: $0.5 USD/class (25minutes)
  3. Group Class Incentive: $1 USD/class.

Apply to First Future

Simply click the apply button below to apply:

First Future

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