Get Hired To Teach English Online! FREE COURSE (From Resumé to High Pay with DaDa)

Get Hired To Teach English Online! FREE COURSE (From Resumé to High Pay with DaDa)

Use this video to help you through the hiring process. And begin your application by clicking the button below the video

Begin your application for DaDa by clicking the button below:

get hired by dada

Congratulations on your decision to take this course! You have now given yourself the best possible chance to get hired by DaDa as an online English teacher, as well as earn a high hourly rate!

All of the information from me, Jason (DaDa teacher and former DaDa mentor), is designed to help you achieve both of these things.

(Obviously I cannot guarantee anything, but this course will drastically increase your chances).

Here is the structure of the course, links to download the worksheets and more helpful resources:


Module A – Get the Interview!

Download Module 1 Printable Worksheet

Lesson 1 – Requirements

If you don't meet the requirements, here are more online teaching jobs.

Lesson 2 – CV

The image you send with your CV.

The company will require you to send an image of yourself along with your CV.

This will be your teacher picture should you get the job.

In this image you should appear smart, smiley and energised. Here is the one I sent for an example:

Lesson 3 – Frequently Asked Questions

Bonus video – Interview Process Case Study

Module B – Get the Job!

Download the Module 2 Printable Worksheet

Lesson 1 – Interview

Lesson 2 – Platform Training

Bonus Video – Internet Test

Lesson 3 – Demo Class

Module C – Get the High Pay!

Download the Module 3 Printable Worksheet

Lesson 1 – Total Physical Response (TPR)

Lesson 2 – Course Expansion

Lesson 3 – Engaging the Student


Useful Resources

Online Teaching Starter Kit

DigiNo Shop for Teaching Props

Getting Paid by DaDa

DaDa Information Page


All DaDa blog posts

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