How To Make Your Own Online Teaching Background

How To Make Your Own Online Teaching Background

Whilst teaching English online, you'll want to have a background to wow your students!

Most online teaching companies request that you have a colourful, appropriate and professional background for your online classroom.

So in this article, I'll explain how I made my background, as well as how I got it printed. See the video above for a detailed tutorial, or keep reading for an overview of the process.

Here is my background:

Online Teaching Background

I tried to pick things that really reflected me. Obviously a drawing of myself reflects me quite well…but the ukulele, palm trees and toucan was the kind of relaxed vibe I wanted.

And now my classroom is a tropical paradise!

Why is a background important for Online Teaching?

You want your classroom to like sort of like a studio. You want your students to see your online classroom as a learning environment.

You don't want your background to just be a sofa, or someone doing the vacuuming in the background…

online teaching background

DaDaABC have specifically clamped down on this, so if you want to really impress in your interview or your classes, then a really unique and eye-catching background will do the trick!

DaDaABC suggests things such as the alphabet, maps, animals and the DaDaABC logo.

You can download a transparent DaDaABC logo I made from here.

I forgot to include the logo in mine, so I made up for it by putting the DaDaABC logo on my t-shirt.

How did I create my background?

I used the graphic design website – Canva.

This website is basically like a free, simplified version of Photoshop. I find it to be an absolute breeze when it comes to graphic design.

Watch the video at the beginning of this article for a detailed tutorial of how I made my background on Canva.

The minimum size you want print your background is A0 – which is 841 x 1189mm

How did I print my background?

I used a UK service called InstantPrints, but I've selected VistaPrint for this tutorial as it offers it's services internationally…and is actually cheaper ( a nice heap of buyer's remorse for me!)

On Vistaprint you can actually get it a bigger size than A0, which would probably be better, as my background sometimes doesn't fill the whole screen.

For a full detailed Vistaprint tutorial, check out the video at the top of this page.

I think this tutorial is a lot clearer in video form, so I've kept the written instructions brief for both Canva and Vistraprint.

But in a nutshell:

The best thing is, it comes in a big cardboard tube, which I now use as a teaching prop!

Online teaching background (1)

Final thoughts

So hopefully after this tutorial, you should have your very own online teaching background!

And hopefully you've picked something that really reflects you as a teacher! I'd really love to see all your own personalised backgrounds popping up so feel free to share your designs with me in the DigiNo Paradise Facebook Group.

Finally, click the image below to read about the latest addition to my classroom…I won't stop in my quest to make online teaching as easy as pie:

online teaching background


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